Unique guarantee Le Gars des Cèdres


Producer’s Warranty: from 12 to 19 months
The cedar hedges installed by Le Gars des Cedres will be under warranty for a 12 months period or November 1st of the year following the installation.
The 1 year warranty means that the company will move 1 time during the warranty period to replace cedar trees that are death as a result of injuries caused by transportation or potting. However, if your cedar hedge is dying, entirely or partially, due to poor maintenance by the owner – meaning too much or too little watering, the absence of drain when necessary, inappropriate use of fertilizer, etc. – Le Gars des Cedres will replace the cedar hedge for half the price of installation.

Installation Warranty: from 24 to 31 months
Le Gars des Cedres offers you the first maintenance call for your cedar hedges (trimming and fertilization) as well as an extended warranty of an additionnal 12 months for $2.00 every linear foot. (Minimum $200)

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