The advantages of a potted cultivated cedar tree

  • Avoid transplant shock
  • Instant continuation
  • No waste
  • Growth from planting on
  • A quarter of a fields cultivated cedar’s weight.

A cedar tree that has been cultivated in a pot for its whole growth is a real advantage for people who would rather install their cedar trees themselves. Since the roots have not been severed while being plucked from a field, once on your property, their growth continues has if nothing changed. The adaptation is then very smooth and growth is not altered. You will be able to see your trees grow as soon as a week after the installation. After just one year, you should be able to see as much as one foot growth. If you think you are not properly equipped to carry cedar trees, you will be relieved to know that since the pots are filled with roots and not of excess dirt, you will be able to walk with one cedar tree in each hand! There is how we are able to bring the cedar to a quarter of its weight.