Advices & Maintenance : Self-installation

Le Gars des Cèdres offers you this instructional video that demonstrates the installation of a cultivated cedar trees hedging of second category.

Here is a bit of advice to help you if you decide to install it yourself.

Firstly, when installing wild cedars, the trench should be not deeper that 4-6 inches and no wider than 8-10 inches (width of the roots). For cultivated trees, the depth should not exceed 8 inches and the width should be of 12 inches. It is important that the trees not be planted any deeper as they grow better on the surface. Having them any deeper might be dangerous for them as the humidity in the soil is harder to control.

Next, simply put the dirt that has been dug out back on to the roots and make sure it is compacted. This is done to ensure that there are no air pockets around the roots (that would dry them). The weight of the dirt will help keep the trees stable while they are in the process of growing new roots.

Add LE FERTILISEUR (cedars fertilizer) at the base, following the indications of it, on the mound of earth that you created for a better recovery.

To help stabilize the trees we recommend planting a post at each end of the hedge and to pass a thin line from one another to prevent the trees from falling if ever there are strong winds. A month is sufficient for the trees to stabilize themselves and the posts can be removed.

Note : If you live in a unusually windy area it is recommended to keep the posts for the entirety of the first summer.

If you want to install your cedars, we offer this service. Visit our section Services/Installation for more information!