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TITAN™ cultivated cedar, SUPREME quality 

SIMPLY PERFECT!  The TITAN™ cedar of SUPREME quality is the ultimate cedar tree. In fact, no other cedar destined to be part of a hedge is as magnificent as this one.

We have been working on this particular culture for over 10 years. After being carefully examined, year after year, shreds have been meticulously selected, improving this wonderful culture from generation to generation, in order to obtain the level of quality we are now SO proud to offer you with the UNIQUE line of TITANS™.

SUPREME genetics

  • The densest cedar tree on the market
  • A unique and beautiful dark shade of green that will last throughout winter
  • A fast growth that can reach 18 inches a year
  • More resilience to harmful insects
  • Tolerance to stress avoids excessive fruit production
  • A greater resilience to harsh Quebec’s winters

Cedar that has been developed in a highly controlled environment

  • Fertilized 4 times a year for a beautiful dense emerald green foliage
  • Pruned every other year to strengthen and thicken its foliage
  • Total absence of weeds in the fields for optimum growth
  • Planted between rows of plants carefully selected to feed the cedars
  • Fields equipped with pest control technology in order to avoid damage to the trunks
  • Preventive treatment against harmful diseases
  •  Mechanically harvested
  • Carried in pots


Growth speed: 12 to 18 inches a year.
Height at maturity: 40 to 60 feet (option to keep a desired height)
Waiting time for an intimacy wall: none, immediately after installation.
Diameter at installation: 30 inches
Installation: Can be installed at a 30 inches distance so the foliage will touch but in order to obtain an instant intimacy wall, it is recommended to install the cedar trees 24 inches from each other.
Pruning: Once every year or every other year (easy to trim and shape).
Shape: To your taste (conical, square wall style, orbit).
Sunlight: Needs at least two hours of sunlight a day.
Winter condition: Very resilient to the changing weather of Quebec.
Lifespan: Over 100 years.

Luxury intimacy installation 

Our TITAN™ cedar tree of SUPREME quality is accompanied with the quality installation it deserves.

The luxury installation includes: Excavation, dirt, starter fertilizer, irrigation system (tubes and programmer), installation 24 inches apart, first trimming, second fertilization and an extended 2 years warranty.


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