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Wild / semi-cultivated White Cedar (Occidentalis)

The Thuya Occidentalis, frequently named wild cedar tree or semi-cultivated tree, is perfect for hedging. It will form a intimacy wall when growing, as opposed to other popular decorative cedar varieties that keep their pyramidal shape when growing, like Smaragd, Emerald,  Fastigiata and Brandon.


Growth speed: 10 to 12 inches a year
Mature Height: 40 to 60 feet (Can be cut to a desired height)
Time needed for an intimacy wall: 3 to 4 years
Diameter at installation: 12 to 14 inches
Installation : Can be installed at a distance of 14 inches from each other, so that the leaves will touch, although it is recommended, for an immediate intimacy, to install then 12 inches apart.
Trimming: Once every year or every other year (easy to trim and shape)
Shape: Up to you (conical, square wall style, round)
Light: Will need a minimum of 2 hours of sunlight a day
Winter condition: Very resilient (the wood from the white cedar tree is soft, it allows it to bend under the weight of the snow instead of breaking)
Lifespan: more than 100 years


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