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Cultivated Cedar (Brandon) Superior Quality

The cultivated Thuya Brandon can be used as a decorative tree as well as for hedging

Cedar developed in a controlled zone.

  • Fertilized every year for dark green dense foliage
  • Trimmed every other year to strengthen and thicken its foliage
  • Weeds taken off to allow a better growth
  • Mechanical potting, transportation in the pot


Growth speed: 10 to 12 inches a year
Mature Height: 30 feet
Diameter at installation: 30 inches
Installation : Can be installed at a distance of 30 inches from
each other, so that the leaves will touch, although it is recommended, for an immediate intimacy, to install then 24 inches apart
Trimming: Cannot be trimmed (you will not be able to decide of the maximal height of this tree)
Shape: Always conical
Light: Poor shade tolerance
Winter condition: Very resilient to raw weather. A lot stronger than the Thuya Smaragd/Emerald variety. On the other hand, in very windy areas, it is better to go with the white or black cedar trees.


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