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Fertilizer Le Gars des Cèdres


Our fertilizer has been specifically developped and designed for cedar hedges. The formulation has been designed specifically for Quebec. This fertilizer promotes the rooting of a new plantation and improves the color, vigor and growth of etablished cedar trees.

Instructions :

Upon planting: Sprinkle 8 g. (1 tea spoon) of fertilizer per cedar (linear foot) above the root zone, in other words between 6 to 8 inches form the trunk.

(Do not apply directly on the roots)

For etablished plants: Sprinkle 20 g. (1 tablespoon) on each plant (or linear foot) above the root zone, in other words, where the folliage ends.

Frequency: apply three times a year, in mid-April and mid-May to mid-June.

Note: For best results, cover the fertilizer with soil or mulch. Do not apply fertilizer after July 1st.

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