Cedars in your landscaping

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Why include the cedar hedge in your landscaping ?

The installation of a cedar hedge has many advantages. The thickness of its leaves hedging provides greater intimacy than the average fence, this maintaining your privacy.

Cedar hedges are recommended by landscaper for several reasons:

  • Visually aesthetic
  • Increase in property value
  • Durability, low price maintenance and initial cost
  • Durabilité, faible coût d’entretien
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Ecological

Fence or Cedar hedge?

A lot of clients who had initially chosen a ‘frost’ fence were disappointed when they found out the city rules.

Several municipalities don’t allow fences of more than 5 feet, thereby limiting your privacy, while there are usually no rules determining the cedars height.

Some cities allow the ‘frost’ fence but require a cedar hedge to conceal it to enhance the neighborhood. That is not good news for your budget.

In summary, a cedar hedge gives you the desired intimacy gives you a chance to enjoy it in your new pool.

Here are some comments from our landscapers and nurseries:

“For an environmentally friendly choice, a cedar hedge that will bring you pure air. It will make you enjoy the tranquility of your garden in a natural and friendly environment. What better way to soothe, relax in the green area in privacy.”
– Ecoverdure :Nurserie, landscaper and garden development

“To have privacy at home use cedars it’s an ecological choice.”
– Les Serres Vaudreuil

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