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*** Important: The cedar hedge trimmer service is complete this season ***

Whatever the size of your cedar hedge, we have the equipment and qualified persons to satisfy your work. Our advice will be of great value . Let us make your cedar hedge image as you wish.

The maintenance of a cedar hedge requires a cut per year, but if you really want to give the maximum opportunity to your hedge, take superior quality, two cuts.

Reliability and cleanliness

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Our prices include pickup . Cleanliness is very important for us to come back every year and keep your trust.

New cedar should be pruned in the year after planting to give them a first pruning. Take the superior cuts.

Cedar hedge can be cut from April to November.
The period depends on the cut of the maintenance carried out in previous years . In fact , the cut can be done in two periods , before and after the growth. Since regrowth happens in June , the first period is from April to June and the second from June to November.

In general, we prune the hedges in the first period are cedar that have been neglected . We then do a shortening. Shortening (2 feet or more) is rounded at the top so that snow does not accumulate , it is done before regrowth ( first period) for the hedge could strengthen before winter. After this step, the service returns to normal (second period). If your cedar hedge is young, two years or less , it should be cut from the year after planting to provide the maximum to your cedars. We suggest two superior cuts.

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