Advices: Deterioration of cedars

Normal deterioration:

Many factors can cause some damage to your cedar hedge. However, some of the effects are common and should not be a cause for worry.
Plus le temps est froid, plus le feuillage est brun

Temporary deterioration:

Firstly, in the weeks following the installation of a cedar hedge, it is possible that some branches may turn reddish colors. This may be caused by the breakage of the latter during transport. These broken branches turn yellow, then red and finally fall. Branches rouges Second, in the autumn of the first year, it is possible that half of the cedar becomes an orange color. It is normal. The leaves fall and new sprouts will replace them in spring.
Third, in the fall cedars, like any other trees, are affected by the cold weather and it might change their hue to beige. It is normal. Next spring, the leaves regain their color and their original force. Fourth,  the winter following the installation, the weight of snow can tip your cedars. Since the trunk of cedars is flexible, it will bend during the winter, but will return to its upright position the following spring.

Abnormal deterioration:

When it comes to abnormal deterioration, you should ask yourself a few questions:

Do I have control over the microclimate?

If you notice that your cedar trees are drying up, it is advisable to water them. However, if on the contrary, your soil is constantly drowned, it may be because your yard is not level. If your yard is unlevel, your neighbors water may drain onto your yard and into your cedars trench, this will likely cause the roots to rot. If this is your case, it is recommended to level your yard – which couldbe expensive – or to simply install a drain that will allow excess water to run out.

Animals are urinating on my cedar hedge?

A yellowish foliage may also be the result of frequent contact with urine. Urine being acidic, on the long run, it could damage your cedars edge. Sadly, few solutions are available. You could try to use animal repellent, available in most pet stores.

Is my cedar hedge near a public road?

During winter, the spreading of salt, or calcium chloride, on the roads may cause soil salination, naturally affecting your cedar trees as well. To protect your from burns causes by salination, it is sugg ested to install jute netting. Note : For those of you that have seen their cedar hedge deteriorate for that reason, it is possible to ask the municipality a compensation.

Is snow weight damaging my hedge?

With the coming of spring, you will notice a few damaged or broken branches. It is recommended to trim your cedar trees, giving them a conical shape, before the arrival of winter, it will reduce the amount of snow resting on your hedge.

Is my cedar hedge overrun by weeds, plants or vines?

A cedar hedge being a micro ecosystem in itself, it is possible that with time, invading plants appear (frequently vines). These plants can prevent your cedars from getting the much needed sun rays and consequently, hurt your trees. It is wise to remove them.

Are my cedar trees producing fruit?

It is possible for cedar trees to bear fruits occasionally. These will either fall on the ground or stay on the trees and turn red. If they fall on the ground, they may sprout,but if they hang on the cedar trees, they can cause it to fold under the weight. It is recommended to remove the hanging clusters of fruits with scissors, doing so, you will relieve your cedar trees from excess weight. On the other hand, if you see a great amount of fruits appear and leaves disappear, it is a clue that your cedar trees are getting too much water.