The Fertilizer from Le Gars des Cedres

The Fertilizer from Le Gars des Cedres

The Fertilizer has been developed especially for cedar trees by Le Gars des Cedres with the collaboration of a team of agronomists specialised in ornamental horticulture. Well aware of our peculiar climate, our research allowed us to create a fertilizer that offers many benefits to people here in Quebec. It has been specially formulated for the rooting of a new plantation as well as the growth, health and color of previously installed cedar trees.

Why choose The Fertilizer?
Elaborated by a cedar farmer as opposed to a fertilizer seller, The Fertilizer has been tested for years on thousands of cedar trees. Because of its superior performance, it is still used on the cedar crops. On the shelves, we can find fertilizers for general use on coniferous trees or bushes, but The Fertilizer from Le Gars des Cedres is a product specially designed for cedar trees.

How often does it need to be applied?
As a result of it’s slow release, the product is good for a whole month. You will only have to apply it three times a year to obtain a better result than a general fertilizer that has to be applied weekly.
As opposed to other products with slow release (applied once a year), if The Fertilizer cannot be applied properly because of a strong wind or rain for instance, you will still obtain great results as it is recommended to apply The Fertilizer more than once.

Efficiency of The Fertilizer

1-Quantity of nitrogen is medium-high for the growth, density and photosynthesis of the cedar trees. A greater quantity of nitrogen would cause the roots to dry.
2-Quantity of phosphorus is medium, to stimulate roots growth.
3-Quantity of potash is medium to build resilience to diseases and cold.
4-Added iron to grant a nice dark green color to the cedar trees.

The simplicity
The user manual is clear and user friendly as opposed to other products on the market for which we need to calculate, mix and dig.

And even more…
Easy to carry 10 kg size.
Efficient size to apply on 500 cedar trees.
Affordable product at just 0.058$ a cedar.
Local product: Since the provider is based here in Quebec, it is easier for the consumer to get additional information or advice.

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