Cultivated Black Cedar (Nigra) Superior Quality


Cultivated Black Cedar (Nigra) Superior Quality

The cultivated Thuya Nigra, frequently named cultivated black cedar tree, is of good quality for hedging. It will form a intimacy wall when growing, as opposed to other popular cedar varieties that keep their pyramidal shape when growing, like Smaragd, Emerald and Fastigiata.

Cedar developed in a controlled zone.

  • Fertilized every year for dark green dense foliage
  • Trimmed every other year to strengthen and thicken its foliage
  • Weeds taken off to allow a better growth
  • Mechanical potting, transportation in the pot


Growth speed: 8 to 10 inches a year
Time needed for an intimacy wall: Immediately after the installation
Diameter at installation: 30 inches
Installation : Can be installed at a distance of 30 inches from
each other, so that the leaves will touch, although it is recommended, for an immediate intimacy, to install then 24 inches apart.
Trimming: Once every year or every other year
Shape: Up to you (conical, square wall style, round)
Light: Will need a minimum of 2 hours of sunlight a day
Winter condition: Remains greener than other cedar trees


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